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The Natural

Some Young Hollywood Heartthrobs come out of nowhere and end up with everything. Ansel Elgort isn’t one of those guys. In fact, he’s already got all the goods you’d expect from a natural born YHH. The absurd handsomeness. (His pouty, knowing smile makes you want in on the joke.) The famously creative parents. (His father is a Vogue fashion photographer, his mom’s an opera director.) And the ability to, you know, act. (He made his Off Broadway debut as a senior in high school.) His cool-guy name alone—after photographer Ansel Adams—deserves Tumblr fan sites. And if his ascent to stardom were summed up by a hashtag, it’d be #WokeUpLikeThis.

It makes sense, then, that the 20-year-old was tapped to star in two of the year’s biggest YA-novel-inspired blockbusters: spring’s box-office- shattering Divergent and this summer’s tearstained, cancer-stricken-teens-in-love story, The Fault in Our Stars, (Not to mention, the lead in Van Cliburn.) As Augustus, the smooth-talking boyfriend of Shailene Woodley’s Hazel—”full of himself, but in an endearing way,” Elgort says—he’ll reduce even the most beer-can-crushingest bros to tears. “Anytime a movie makes someone cry,” he says, “it’s usually a good thing.” (Future cues to be taken from Ryan Gosling post-The Notebook.)

The key to nailing the tearjerker scenes, he explains, is just “tricking your mind into really believing—I’m helpless, I have no value anymore… It’s really good therapy.” A sensible, if grim, exercise with some humbling aftereffects. “I thought about how much cooler and, like, better a person Augustus is than Ansel,” Elgort says. “He’s this perfect guy. And I was like, Ansel kind of sucks.” Makes us wanna cry.

EXCLUSIVE: Ansel Elgort, hot off the male lead of Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars, has signed to play the title role in Van Cliburn, a feature that is being mounted by Temple Hill partners Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen along with Crystal City Entertainment in association with The Johnson Group. Godfrey and Bowen, who worked with Elgort on The Fault In Our Stars, will produce with Ari Daniel Pinchot and Robert M. Johnson is exec producer. Andrew Stern will write the script.

The film is based on the Howard Reich book Van Cliburn, and Elgort will play the pianist in his formative years when, at age 23 in 1958, he emerged from out of nowhere to win the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in Moscow. It was the first time the tournament was held, and was organized by the USSR after it had caught up to the U.S. in the nuclear arms race and completed the first successful space launch with Sputnik. Nikita Khrushchev saw the competition as a way to lord Soviet superiority at a time when tensions between the two superpowers were sky high. The lanky pianist from Texas who graduated Juilliard but was taught by his neighborhood piano teacher mother, had a very unorthodox instinctive style that bowled won over the Russian judges and the proletariat crowd that followed every note of the competition. Although some tried to marginalize him so they could knock him from the competition, Cliburn made it to the finals. Judges, fearing exile to Siberia, brought in Khrushchev as they deliberated. The Soviet premier asked them if he was the best, and told them to give him the prize when they answered yes. This was credited with bridging the Cold War gap. Cliburn became a favorite among Russian audiences, and he played for U.S. presidents as well, until he abruptly stopped publicly performing in 1978. The one-time prodigy died last year of bone cancer at 78.

Elgort, a graduate of LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts, started as a dancer and yes, he can play the piano. He appeared in the Carrie remake and co-starred with Shailene Woodley in Divergent, before they starred together in Fault. They are currently shooting the Divergent sequel Insurgent. Elgort also has wrapped Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children, opposite Adam Sandler. He also is a DJ and producer of rlectronic dance music under his Ansolo logo (and Twitter handle @Ansolo_Music). With all the EDM projects percolating in Hollywood, and young EDM fans filling arenas and festivals, can a movie in that area be far behind?

For Temple Hill, that puts the producers in business with both the male leads from Fault, the sleeper summer hit for Fox 2000. They are adapting the John Green novel Paper Towns as a star vehicle for Fault co-star Nat Wolff, with Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter again adapting a bestseller by the author and social-media star. Elgort is repped by CAA and Brookside Artist Management’s Emily Gerson Saines.

-Source: Deadline.com

Ansel Elgort plays the heartthrob at the centre of the year’s biggest movie weepie but he’s more than just eye candy for the one million plus twitter fans who follow his every move and the throng of young teens who have greeted him at every public event he has made in the UK.

He plays Augustus opposite Shailene Woodley’s Hazel Grace in The Fault In Our Stars which has been a box office sensation in the US and looks set for similar success here.

The film’s based on John Green’s best-selling novel about eighteen-year-old Hazel Grace who has metastatic thyroid cancer and Augustus who has osteosarcoma.

‘It’s about two people who become best friends and they have sex because they love each other on a friendship level’, he said, adding bluntly, ‘They don’t just have sex’.

Ansel, 20, said that some adults have been patronising about such a union.

‘They go, “This isn’t the real thing.When you get older you’ll know what love is”. But just because you’re younger it doesn’t mean you can’t have a meaningful relationship.’

There’s also the usual condescending comments from some who, Ansel told me, hint that people with illnesses aren’t as important as well people. ‘There’s sometimes this wall and there shouldn’t be. It happens in movies and in life.’

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Jun 2014
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Ansel is nominated for his first Teen Choice Award in Choice Movie Actor: Drama! Along with that, “The Fault In Our Stars” is nominated for Choice Movie: Drama! You can vote everyday HERE!

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Russell Crowe, Noah
Jason Dohring, Veronica Mars
Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars
Jon Hamm, Million Dollar Arm

Choice Movie: Drama
American Hustle
Heaven is for Real
Million Dollar Arm
The Fault in Our Stars
Veronica Mars

Upstairs in the Crosby Street hotel in New York, 20-year-old Ansel Elgort has been talking about himself all day. Down in the basement, film journalists pick at the buffet. One of them, speaking with an air of special knowledge, tells me Elgort is very tired. “You should take him some cookies, he’ll need the sugar,” he advises firmly. He’s so unequivocal that when I’m ushered upstairs I find I’m holding three choc-chip cookies wrapped in a napkin.

Elgort and Shailene Woodley star in The Fault in Our Stars, based on John Green’s cultish bestseller about two teen cancer patients who meet at a support group and fall in love.

When the trailer was first released on YouTube, it clocked up a record-breaking three million views in 24 hours; when the movie was released in the US last week, it sped past Tom Cruise to the top of the box office. It looks to do for Elgort what Twilight did for Robert Pattinson. But while Pattinson graduated to adult roles after Twilight, Elgort is there already, as the lead in Men, Women and Children, Jason Reitman’s latest, opposite Adam Sandler and Emma Thompson.

As I enter the room, he’s standing on the windowsill regarding Manhattan below him. So, is he exhausted after this day of press?

“I’m never exhausted; I’m a crazy m’fucker,” he says, in a confident torrent, as he dismounts with a leap. “This is the beginning of this journey.”

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Fans of The Fault in Our Stars have now fully fallen for Ansel Elgort, who charmed Shailene Woodley and the rest of America as the good-looking, smooth-talking, cigarette-chomping Augustus Waters.

So America will probably be very jealous to learn that Yahoo Movies recently went on a speed date with the 20-year-old New Yorker, during which he bared his soul, revealed his dreams, and opened up about his favorite cooking technique. “I make really good over easy eggs,” Elgort says. “I think I spent a year making eggs everyday, and I just wanted to perfect the over easy…. You don’t want chef Ramsey putting his finger in there going, ‘It’s bone cold!’”

Check out the full video to see what Elgort has to say about his favorite hard-luck sports team, the Adam Sandler movie he knows by heart, and his pet peeve involving elevator buttons.

-Source: Yahoo

Ansel Elgort is what is traditionally called a triple-threat-he acts, dances, and sings. The 20-year-old New York native and theater-camp vet who started performing in ballet class at age 9 and crafts bass-thumping electronic dance tracks under the nom de musique Ansolo made his screen debut as pretty-boy high school jock Tommy Ross in last year’s remake of Carrie. He recently appeared in this spring’s young-adult dystopian juggernaut Divergent, and in June gets leading-man status as Augustus Waters, one half of a pair of star-crossed, terminally ill teenage lovers in The Fault in Our Stars alongside fellow Divergent alum Shailene Woodley. His fourth movie, Jason Reitman’s dramedy about modern love, Men, Women & Children, due out later this year, has him sharing the screen with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Garner. It’s been a packed two years for Elgort, but he doesn’t seem to be letting up soon.

COLLEEN KELSEY: You went to LaGuardia High School, the Fame school. Did you always want to act?

ANSEL ELGORT: When I was nine, I started doing ballet. That’s when I knew that I was down to keep doing it. Eventually I came into acting and LaGuardia and straight play-acting turned into movies. I always did workshops. I would be at theater camp, doing shows, or after-school programs. Then I was doing shows in school. It was nonstop. I was never not in a show from ages 11 until 18. It was a great creative atmosphere but also a professional kind of atmosphere. When I finally went into the professional world, I felt ready. I was prepared for work.

KELSEY: What was the movie or play that made you want to be an actor?

ELGORT: Les Miz and Oklahoma! I was a big musical guy. Then I got into movies, watching old films my dad had, the old Elia Kazan movies, like On the Waterfront [1954]. It was those old movies, actually, that really got me started. Marlon Brando, Paul Newman—straight-up legends.

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Prepare to swoon!

Newcomer Ansel Elgort is making his leading man debut as a cancer patient in the big-screen adaptation of John Green’s beloved YA novel The Fault in Our Stars. The actor is earning buzz for his emotional performance and already has a bevy of fans idolizing him.

“It’s a dream come true,” Elgort, 20, tells PEOPLE about his first starring role. “I’m doing what I want to be doing.”

Elgort, who played Shailene Woodley’s brother, Caleb Prior, in Divergent earlier this year, reunites with the actress as they play lovers battling cancer. When he first read The Fault in Our Stars, he felt an instant connection with his character, Augustus Waters.

“I was really touched by it and I cried,” he says. “I can relate to Augustus. I can be overly confident at times, but with someone who I’m very close to, like with my mother, I will break down. In real life, people will find out that I’m not actually that confident and that I’m a real guy underneath it all.”

The New York City native, who was named after photographer Ansel Adams, got his start doing ballet. At the age of 9, he performed in The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. He then trained as a tap dancer and a singer and later enrolled at the famed LaGuardia High School to study acting. He also has been playing the piano his entire life. “I wanted to be a lot of things in my life,” he says, laughing.

When he’s not making movies, Elgort composes electronic house music and is a DJ under the name Ansolo. He has an original record called Unite, which was released in April. His other passion is painting on rocks and making miniature figurines. “I’m kind of like [Steve Carell’s] character from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

As for his loyal fans, who call themselves Anselites, “It’s so weird!” he says. “When girls scream my name and start crying, I blush like crazy.”

For more on Ansel Elgort, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

-Source: People.com