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I had the chance to chat with Ansel Elgort, who plays Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars, Tommy in Carrie, and Caleb Prior in Divergent! We mostly touched on preparations for playing Gus, which he shot his first day of…today! So this is a fun way to commemorate the exciting first day of filming. I also got five random facts about him, and he told me about what he has to change about himself, or add to himself, to play Augustus. Yes, this is my favorite book and most anticipated film…so I was a little bit excited and had a bit of trouble hiding my inner fangirl when I’m normally so good at that! Hope you enjoy!

On what he adds to his personality to become Augustus:
I think Gus is a little less grounded than me. I think he’s a little more insecure, and he sort of shrouds it in this sense of confidence that he doesn’t really have. That’s what gives him the ability later on in the story to break down and really have that vulnerability. Honestly [laughs] I’m probably that vulnerable too! But, I like to pretend that I know I’m a strong guy.

On if anything has been added for Caleb in Divergent that isn’t in the books:
In the book, his scenes are brushed over and are really about Tris. There are some that you see more of Caleb, and you see more of his arc. As an actor, I was just there doing it. Whether or not they cut it together so it shows my arc, who knows! But definitely, playing it out in the scenes, made it a better character and a better arc than I thought it would be.

-Source: PageToPremiere.com

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